The corporation, established in 1983, lying to the eastern side of the No.106 National Highway in Bazhou towen, Bazhou City of Hebei Province , is in the entrance to the Rongwu Highway .
    The corporation covers an area of 100000 m 2 , and possesses the registered capital of 50 million yuan, the capital assets of 320 million yuan. It is a professional corporation that integrates the fol...

  4 Hebei Yongsheng Petrochemical Machinery Manufa…
  4 It is a professional corporation that integrat…
  4 The high, medium, low flange, anchor flange, f…
  4 Oil drill pipe, drilling accessories, tank acc…
  4 First, second-class pressure vessel, unionof r…
  4 Welcome to our corporation, to see about, cond…

Hebei Yongsheng Petrochemical Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd
Address:Bazhou Town, Bazhou City, Hebei   Linkman:Manager Zhou   Tel:0316-7355316 0316-7355278
Fax:0316-7355366   Website:

 Pipe For Oil Field
 oil drill pipe
 Casing Coupling
 Conical filter
 welded flange
 24″900LB flange
 insulation flange
 insulation connector
 anchorage flange
 thermometer tube
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