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4 Hebei Yongsheng Petrochemical Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd 2013-1-9 8:42:53
4 It is a professional corporation that integrates the following capacities, petroleum production, che 2013-1-9 8:42:44
4 The high, medium, low flange, anchor flange, fastener, sealing element, screwed fittings, pipeline c 2013-1-9 8:42:34
4 Oil drill pipe, drilling accessories, tank accessories, first, second-class pressure vessel, unionof 2013-1-9 8:42:25
4 First, second-class pressure vessel, unionof roll steel, low oxygen copper rod and negative plate. 2013-1-9 8:42:15
4 Welcome to our corporation, to see about, conduct, and negotiate about the projects with us. 2013-1-9 8:42:05
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