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    The corporation, established in 1983, lying to the eastern side of the No.106 National Highway in Bazhou towen, Bazhou City of Hebei Province , is in the entrance to the Rongwu Highway .
    The corporation covers an area of 100000 m 2 , and possesses the registered capital of 50 million yuan, the capital assets of 320 million yuan. It is a professional corporation that integrates the following capacities, petroleum production, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, shipping, etc. It can also manufacture the high, medium, low flange, anchor flange, fastener, sealing element, screwed fittings, pipeline casting, casing coupling
, oil drill pipe, drilling accessories, tank accessories, first, second-class pressure vessel, unionof roll steel, low oxygen copper rod and negative plate.
    Our corporation enjoys powerful technical capacity and equipment, which has 380 employees, 122 professionals, 6 senior engineers, 28 engineers and 280 machinery-processing equipments. In accordance with the American( ASME、API ), European( DIN 、 EN ), Japanese( JIS ),international( GB ), Machinery Department( JB ), Chemical Industry Department standards( HG ), etc. The corporation holds the complete testing equipment, With international and domestic most advanced SPECTRO TEST mobile metal analysis spectrometer ultrasonic flaw detector, the ultrasonic thickness gauge, the ray crack detector, the magnetic flaw detector, the pigmentation penetrant, the lee sclerometer, the mechanic quota-raising analytical balance, the ordinary balance, the analysis apparatus of carbon and sulfur, the analysis apparatus of three elements, etc. All of the above contributes to the credible quality guarantee throughout the producting process.
    The corporation has already got authentication of the IS09001-2000 quality system, China's oil health and safety and environment management system certification (HSE), Law of the People's Republic of special equipment manufacturing license (pressure piping components
), Law of the People's Republic of special equipment manufacturing license (pressure vessel), Hebei province special equipment association member unit, Hebei measurement assurance ability certificate, the European Union PED the authentication, China's oil co., LTD. Energy first network members, China's oil and gas co., LTD., material suppliers, China's oil and gas co., LTD., oil refining and chemical branch, Offshore Oil Engineering Co. , Ltd, China petroleum engineering construction corporation, Petrochina Beijing natural gas pipeline co., LTD, Huabei oilfield station, Northern China Petroleum & Chemical Company, Hohhot petrochemical company, Ningxia petrochemical company, Guangxi petrochemical company, Sichuan petrochemical company, Guangdong petrochemical company designated suppliers, China petroleum and natural gas GuanDaoJu flange thread fitting fasteners sealing gasket serie a supplier, the successful bidder of the anchoring flange in the two lines of Shan and Jing.
   From the very beginning, the corporation has been holding the principle of “living on quality, and developing through credit”. Its products have been sold to the distant countries, such as the United States , Sudan, Norway, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Algeria, Iraq, Syria, Chad, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Yemen, etc. They have also been sold to the various petroleum and gas fields, and the petroleum and chemical industries throughout the country. The products have won the high praise from both the foreign and the domestic clients.
    Company quality policy: keep improving, the supremacy of credibility, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction!
    The foreign and domestic clients are welcome to our corporation, to see about, conduct, and negotiate about the projects with us. We shall cooperate with and serve you whole-heartedly.

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