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    On customers'requests, the company delivers qualified products timely by air, sea, rail or road and revisits to ask opinions.


 Major Customers :  
  China Petro Technic Development Co., Ltd.
  Beijing Huayou Natural Gas Stock Co., Ltd.
  Beijing Poer Filter Co.,Ltd.
    NorthChina Petro Sales Dept.
  NorthChina Petro Chemistry Co., branch
    Huhehaote Petro Chemistry Co., branch
    Marine Petro Project Co., Ltd.
    Beijing Yanshan Petro Chemistry Co., Ltd.
    Beijing Riyu Co.
    Tianjin Petro Chemistry Co.
    Tianjin Chemical Industry Factory
    Dagang Oil Field Sales Dept.
    Dagang Oil refinery
    EastHebei Oil Field Sales Dept.
    Shenzhen Shengbaowang Co.
    Beijing Keliqing Scientific Trade Co.
    Beijing Diweier Petro Natural Gas Technic Development Co.,Ltd.
    Beijing Spaceflight Petro Chemistry Technic Equipment Project Co.Ltd.
    Liao River Oil Field
    Inner Mongolia West Natural Gas Stock Co., Ktd.

  Sudan Hashimu Refinery Norway Kazakstan akejiubin Oil Gas Stock Co. Us,Singapore.


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